Making this blog/website


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Update 2! (June 2018)

Now I’m using Hugo. See this post.

Update! (March 2018)

I’m now using Netlify to serve this website with an SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt.


After seeing many well put together technical blogs I finally decided it was time to take a crack at it while I had some free time over the recent Thanksgiving holiday. I really enjoy doing everything (outside of web browsing) in a shell and Emacs, so I didn’t want a WYSIWYG browser based blogging platform. I decided to go with the following combination:

Setting up

I listen to enough NPR and podcasts to have a lifetime of discounts from Squarespace (if only it wasn’t first time purchases only). I found a domain I liked (using my *nix username, ddavis) with a nice TLD which made for, in my opinion, a cool blog title. I found somebody else’s Jekyll theme a nice Hugo theme, hacked it up bit for myself, and set up a repository to be built by Netlify GitHub pages.

After getting a functional Jekyll build using Netlify I configured the site to use Let’s Encrypt. in GitHub pages, ~~I headed over to Cloudfare to set up my new domain and site with a free SSL certificate. Their instructions were very easy to follow.

And that’s it. Now updating my site is a git commit+push away.