New Toy: ox-hugo


Outdated: Now I'm using Zola and simply editing raw markdown files.

I've recently fallen into a very deep Emacs-filled rabbit hole. It started with the goal of cleaning up my Emacs init.el file, but expanded to learning more Emacs Lisp and trying to get more out of Org-mode. Now I'm typing this post in Org-mode with a new toy: ox-hugo. This Emacs package makes it easy to create blog posts from a single Org-file by seamlessly exporting second level headlines to Hugo's Markdown syntax.

Setting up ox-hugo was incredibly easy. With MELPA already configured, the only required addition to my init file was this:

(use-package ox-hugo
  :ensure t
  :after ox)

Now, in the buffer I'm currently editing, I use the key-binding C-c C-e H H to export a ready-to-go markdown file for Hugo to parse.

Luckily before I fell down the ox-hugo rabbit hole my Emacs configuration was already cleaned up to my liking, hopefully it stays that way for a while. It can be found right here (it's also written in Org-mode, with the Emacs Lisp blocks loaded via org-babel-load-file).