Deploying to PyPI with

2019 April 10
tags: python

Introducing pygram11

2019 March 04
tags: python numpy cpp hep

Eglot based Emacs C++ IDE with clangd

2019 January 07
tags: emacs cpp

Eglot based Emacs Python IDE

2018 December 05
tags: emacs python

New Toy: ox-hugo

2018 December 04
tags: hugo

Repetitive NumPy Concatenations

2018 August 12
tags: python numpy

Clangd based Emacs C++ IDE

2018 July 07
tags: cpp emacs

NumPy Histogram tricks for HEP

2018 February 08
tags: hep numpy python

ROOT analysis without ROOT

2018 February 02
tags: hep numpy python

C++17 Early Favorites

2018 January 09
tags: cpp

git commit -m "first"

2017 November 24
tags: meta